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Daylighting =
Natural-Daylight Home

Alternate Terms

Energy-Saving Natural-Daylight Home
Natural-Daylight Technology
Technical Description: 

Natural-daylight homes optimize window placement to harvest natural light in the home. This warms and brightens interiors while reducing energy usage for artificial lighting. Even in rooms with no windows, solar tubes can be installed to bring daylight into the home. Well-designed homes emphasize views while using sunlight for free lighting and avoiding glare and overheating.  Overhangs, fixed shades, louvers, screens, and films are all tools to help control sunlight.

Natural-Daylight Home
Sales Message
Natural-daylight homes integrate architectural design with seasonal sun-path variations. What this means for you is a home with minimal glare and optimized daylight along with maximum views. Wouldn’t you agree it’s smart to take advantage of naturally available and better lighting?