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Air Sealed Attached Garage =
Air Sealed Attached Garage

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Technical Description: 

Isolating attached garages from the living space can help block the potential leakage of carbon monoxide and other contaminants into the home. Cavities in ceilings above the garage that extend into living spaces need to be blocked and air sealed at the garage wall. Seams along the walls and foundation need to be caulked or sealed. If there is living space above the garage, extra care should be taken to seal all seams and any holes in the ceiling above the garage and the floor beneath the living space. Cavities in walls that extend along the garage and also extend along living space need to be blocked and sealed.  Any doors between the house and the garage could be self-closing, and need to be weather stripped, including a tight-fitting threshold sweep.

Air Sealed Attached Garage
Sales Message
Air-sealed attached garages help ensure fumes from residual car exhaust and other stored chemicals cannot enter into homes. What this means to you is your family can breathe better every day knowing your home was built to help manage critical respiratory contaminants. Wouldn’t you agree protecting health is too important to ignore in new homes?