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Adv. Int./Ext. Wall Intersections =
High-Efficiency Wall Intersections

Alternate Terms

Comfort Wall Intersections
Quiet Wall Intersections
High-Efficiency Wall Intersections
Advanced Wall Intersection Framing
Crack-Resistant Corners
Technical Description: 

Heat loss often occurs where interior walls intersect with exterior walls in traditionally built homes, creating a cold spot. Better approaches include attaching interior walls to exterior walls by installing horizontal pieces of framing between two exterior wall studs, creating an appearance like a ladder. Or, by using a metal plate to connect the tops of the walls, along with clips to secure the drywall. These techniques minimize heat loss by allowing for more insulation in the exterior walls.

High-Efficiency Wall Intersections
Sales Message
High-efficiency wall intersections reduce the heat loss and gain though structural framing. What this means to you is less wasted energy along with enhanced comfort and quiet. Knowing there is one opportunity during construction to lock in quality construction, wouldn’t you agree advanced thermal protection is a great investment?