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Guides A-Z

Guide describing the use of building cavities as supply or return ducts.

Guide describing design and installation of compact duct systems for central heating and cooling systems.

Guide describing how to design HVAC systems to be located within the conditioned space of the home, either in a utility closet or in an air sealed conditioned attic, basement, or crawl space.

Guide outlining how to correctly install flex ducts without excessive coils or loops.

Guide outlining how to correctly install flex ducts without kinks or sharp bends.

Guide describing removal of construction debris from flex ducts and protection of ducts and HVAC equipment during construction to keep them free of dust and debris.

This measure guide describes how to correctly install ducts, ensuring enough cavity space to avoid compression.

Guide describing how to hang ducts with supporting straps or saddles to adequately support ducts so they do not sag and are not pinched or compressed in a manner that would cause damage to the ducts, the duct insulation, or the duct air barrier covering.