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Guides A-Z

Guide describing how to insulate headers over doors and windows to reduce heat loss and heat gain through solid wood framing.

Guide describing how to minimize framing around doors and windows to reduce heat loss.

Guide describing how to air seal doors that are next to unconditioned spaces.

Guide describing how to air seal the rough openings around doors and windows.

Guide describing how to use a blower door test to determine building envelope air leakage.

Guide describing how to install flashings to help direct water down and out at all the openings in a wall system.

Information guide describing how to perform a thorough visual evaluation of walls, windows and doors before proceeding with renovation projects.

Guide describing how to undercut the doors  in bedroom walls to balance air pressures between rooms and to enable stale air to return to a central heating system's air handler for reconditioning even when room doors are closed.

Guide describing the design and installation considerations for recladding of above grade walls using insulated vinyl siding.