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Guides A-Z

This measure guide describes basic steps for installing ceiling fans.

Guide describing how to choose and install a carbon monoxide alarm.

Guide describing how to install dishwashers in new and existing homes.

Guide describing lighting choices and installation procedures in new and existing homes.

Guide describing how to conduct a home performance assessment before beginning retrofit projects in existing homes.

Information guide describing pre-retrofit actions to take to assess for asbestos, volatile organic comounds (VOCs) soil gasses including radon and lead.

Information guide describing how to perform a thorough visual evaluation of walls, windows and doors before proceeding with renovation projects.

Guide describing how to reduce exposure to environmental tobacco smoke in multi-family buildings.

Guide describing toilet and urinal requirements and selection for EPA's WaterSense program.

This information guide describes the need for ventilating a home before occupancy to reduce the concentration of VOC emissions in the home.