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This library contains research reports produced by the Building America program and other building science resources used to support this Solution Center. The materials cover both new construction and existing homes. Use the search box and/or the filters to explore hundreds of residential building resources. Access to some references not produced by Building America may require purchase from the publisher. Documents are listed alphabetically. While we continually update our database, links may have changed since posting. Please contact our webmaster if you find broken links.

Author(s): Dentz, Conlin, Holloway, Podorson, Varshney
Organization(s): ARIES
Publication Date: March, 2014
In multifamily and attached buildings, traditional duct sealing methods are often impractical or costly and disruptive because of the difficulty in accessing leakage sites. In this project, two retrofit duct sealing techniques - manually-applied sealants and injecting a spray sealant, were implemented in several low-rise multi-unit buildings.
Author(s): Dentz, Conlin
Organization(s): ARIES
Publication Date: October, 2012
Research study identifying common air leakage pathways in one type of low-rise multifamily building common in mixed-humid climates.
Author(s): Levy, Mullens, Tompos, Kessler, Rath
Organization(s): ARIES
Publication Date: April, 2012
Report about the Advanced Envelope Research effort will provide factory homebuilders with urgently-needed, cost effective methods for meeting emerging energy code requirements.
Author(s): Dentz, Henderson, Varshney
Organization(s): ARIES, Levy Partnership
Publication Date: September, 2014

Report summarizing the status of a central hydronic heating system project in multifamily housing at the conclusion of the 20112012 heating season.

Author(s): Dentz, Henderson
Organization(s): ARIES, Levy Partnership
Publication Date: April, 2012

Report evaluating the relative effectiveness of various control and distribution strategies to improve hydronic space heating performance in existing low-rise multifamily buildings

Author(s): Dentz, Podorson, Varshney
Organization(s): ARIES, NREL
Publication Date: May, 2014
This report investigates whether mini-split heat pumps can live up to their potential for one market segment: multifamily retrofits.
Author(s): Dentz, Varshney, Henderson
Organization(s): ARIES
Publication Date: October, 2013
Report providing information to researchers, utility program managers, and building owners interested in controlling heating energy waste and improving resident comfort.
Author(s): Dentz, Conlin, Podorson, Alaigh
Organization(s): ARIES
Publication Date: June, 2014
Report presenting ways public housing authorities (PHAs) can develop packages of energy efficiency retrofit measures the PHAs can cost-effectively implement with their own staff in the normal course of housing operations at the time when units are refurbished between occupancies.
Author(s): Dentz, Ansanelli
Organization(s): ARIES
Publication Date: January, 2015
In this project aimed to better understand the current usage of TRVs by key market players in steam and hot water heating and to conduct limited experiments on the effectiveness of new and old TRVs as a means of controlling space temperatures and reducing heating fuel consumption.
Author(s): Herderson, Dentz, Doty
Organization(s): ARIES
Publication Date: July, 2013
Research study developed and verified a fuel oil flow field measurement protocol that is cost effective and can be performed with little training for use by the BB program as well as other weatherization programs and building science researchers.