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This library contains research reports produced by the Building America program and other building science resources used to support this Solution Center. The materials cover both new construction and existing homes. Use the search box and/or the filters to explore hundreds of residential building resources. Access to some references not produced by Building America may require purchase from the publisher. Documents are listed alphabetically. While we continually update our database, links may have changed since posting. Please contact our webmaster if you find broken links.

Author(s): Consortium for Advanced Residential Buildings, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Organization(s): CARB, National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Steven Winter Associates, SWA
Publication Date: November, 2005

Report and case study describing a retrofit project in the cold climate.

Author(s): Aldrich
Organization(s): Home Energy
Publication Date: March, 2009
Paper describing sustainable community development.
Author(s): National Roofing Contractors Association
Organization(s): National Roofing Contractors Association
Publication Date: December, 2006

NRCA's premier technical publication gives you the most current and useful technical information in the roofing industry.

Author(s): German, Siddiqi, Dakin
Organization(s): ARBI, Davis Energy Group
Publication Date: November, 2014

Research project evaluating the pre-and post-retrofit energy consumption of a marine climate retrofit, compare actual energy use to original predictions, and identify opportunities for cost savings in other similar retrofits in this climate.

Author(s): National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Organization(s): NREL
Publication Date: June, 2017

Standard Work Specifications (SWS) are a major component of the Guidelines for Home Energy Professionals project and define the minimum requirements to ensure that the work performed during home energy upgrades is effective, durable, and safe.

Author(s): Stecher, Brozyna, Imm
Organization(s): IBACOS
Publication Date: September, 2013
Report about developing a package of energy efficiency measures to achieve 60% energy savings in a test house.
Author(s): Parker, Sherwin, Hoak, Chandra, Martin
Organization(s): FSEC
Publication Date: February, 2009
Report reviewing the design the first four months of energy performance of the project home during the second half of 2008.
Author(s): Martin, Parker, Sherwin, Colon
Organization(s): FSEC
Publication Date: February, 2009
Report reviewing the design the first four months of energy performance of the project home during the second half of 2008.
Author(s): Kosny, Christian, Desjarlais, Kossecka, Berrenberg
Organization(s): ASHRAE
Website providing information about the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE).
Author(s): Kosar
Organization(s): BA-PIRC, Gas Technology Institute
Publication Date: December, 2016

Report targeting the growing number of homes utilizing deep retrofit measures and new construction practices to realize sufficiently lower infiltration levels that require mechanical ventilation as prescribed by ASHRAE Standard 62.2.

Author(s): Gordon, Lubliner, Howard, Kunkle
Organization(s): BA-PIRC, Washington State University Extension Energy Program
Publication Date: October, 2013

Research study documenting market-ready energy solutions to improve the efficiency of new affordable housing in the marine climate of Washington State.

Author(s): Rowley, Kerr, Brank
Organization(s): PARR, National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Gas Technology Institute, Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance, CNT Energy, Future Energy Enterprises
Publication Date: October, 2012

Document reviewing of the current northern Illinois energy efficiency retrofit programs.

Author(s): U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Organization(s): EPA
Publication Date: February, 2018

Website providing the technical specifications and related documents for home builders, subcontractors, architects, and other housing professionals interested in certifying a home to the EPA's Indoor airPLUS program requirements.

Author(s): Aldrich, Williamson
Organization(s): CARB, Steven Winter Associates, SWA
Publication Date: November, 2014

Research report anayzing the results of a large retrofit project, turining an old school into near zero energy consumption apartments in Greenfield MA.

Author(s): Hendron, Engebrecht
Organization(s): National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Publication Date: January, 2010

Document describing the Building America research benchmark for the residential building program.

Author(s): Hammer & Hand
Organization(s): Hammer & Hand
Publication Date: February, 2018

This Best Practices Manual is the product of Hammer & Hand’s ongoing work to document and internally codify our standard operating procedures for construction practice.

Author(s): Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Organization(s): PNNL
Publication Date: September, 2009

Case study about Artistic Homes of Albuquerque, New Mexico, the first home builder in the United States to offer true net zero energy construction to the average home buyer on every home it builds.