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ENERGY STAR Rater-Design Review Checklist: 1. Partnership Status


When certifying a home to ENERGY STAR Certified Homes, Version 3.0/3.1 (Rev. 08), the Rater completes and retains the Rater Design Review Checklist to document partnership status, that windows and insulation meet 2009 IECC requirements, that the HVAC Design Report was completely filled out, and that specified equipment falls within the required parameters. The Rater collects from the HVAC Designer one HVAC Design Report for each system design.

This page shows the checklist requirement for Section 1. Partnership Status and applicable footnotes.


Information guide describing section 1 requirements in Version 3.0/3.1 Rev. 08 ENERGY STAR HVAC Rater Design Review Checklist.
Checklist revised  09/15/2015.  Required for homes permitted starting 07/01/2016.12


1. The term ‘Rater’ refers to the person completing the third-party inspections required for certification. This person shall: a. be a certified Home Energy Rater, Rating Field Inspector, or an equivalent designation as determined by a Verification Oversight Organization such as RESNET; and, b. have attended and successfully completed an EPA-recognized training class. See energystar.gov/newhomestraining

2. HVAC contractors must be credentialed by an EPA-recognized HVAC Quality Installation Training and Oversight Organization (H-QUITO) if a split air conditioner, unitary air conditioner, air-source heat pump, or water-source (i.e., geothermal) heat pump up to 65 kBtuh with a forced-air distribution system (i.e., ducts) or a furnace up to 225 kBtuh with a forced-air distribution system (i.e., ducts) will be installed in the home to be certified. For all other permutations of equipment (e.g., boilers, mini-split / multi-split systems) and distribution systems, a credential is not required. An explanation of this credentialing process and links to H-QUITOs, which maintain lists of credentialed contractors, can be found at energystar.gov/newhomeshvac.

12. This Revision of the Rater Design Review Checklist is required to certify all homes permitted after 07/01/2016, but is allowed to be used for any home permitted or completed prior to this date. The Rater may define the ‘permit date’ as either the date that the permit was issued or the date of the contract on the home. In cases where permit or contract dates are not available, Providers have discretion to estimate permit dates based on other construction schedule factors. These assumptions should be both defensible and documented.

Contributors to this Guide: ENERGY STAR Certified Homes, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

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