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A roof-mounted solar electric system can be sized to produce enough electricity to power the home and an electric car.
Durable Energy Builders installed a natural gas generator integrated with the solar electric system via a “smart panel” so that household utilities automatically switch to the generator during power outages in the disaster-resilient home.
Lithium-ion batteries charged by the solar photovoltaic panels provide 200 amperes of standby electricity to critical circuits in case of power failure.
These inverters convert the power from the home’s 6.8-kW of photovoltaic panels from DC to AC for connection to the grid; the inverters can also be connected to batteries for backup power storage.
This home was made PV ready with the installation of conduit and a dedicated electrical outlet for wiring from the roof to the circuit breaker box on the first floor.
Wall space is provided next to the electrical panel in the garage for the home’s photovoltaics system.