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Air seal and insulate drawer and closet boxes in attic kneewalls
Air seal door and window rough openings with backer rod, caulk, or nonexpanding foam
Air seal the attic access panel with weather stripping
Air seal the attic access pull-down stairs opening with weather stripping
All ceiling, wall, floor, and slab insulation shall achieve RESNET-defined Grade I installation
All ENERGY STAR-qualified windows display the ENERGY STAR label
Batt insulation should be cut to fit around wiring so that insulation can completely fill the wall cavity
Batt was properly split around wires to achieve RESNET Grade I
Blown cellulose insulation completely fills the netted wall and ceiling cavities
Blown fiberglass insulation fills netted wall cavities
Ceiling, wall, floor, and slab insulation levels shall meet or exceed Builders Challenge levels
Choose high-performance ENERGY STAR-rated windows.
ENERGY STAR climate zone map for windows
ENERGY STAR climate-specific criteria for windows and skylights
ENERGY STAR Window Specifications
Faced fiberglass batt insulation can be stapled to the stud faces or slightly inset, but avoid compressing the batts
Faced fiberglass batt insulation incorrectly installed
Install an ENERGY STAR labeled insulated door with an automatic closer. Weather strip the door frame
RESNET Grade I installation of spray foam insulation
Right – RESNET grade I installation of batt insulation
Right – RESNET Grade I installation of blown insulation
Right – Window meets ENERGY STAR requirements
Rigid foam forms an insulating bond break between the foundation wall and the slab
Rigid foam slab edge insulation is installed along the exterior edge of a monolithic slab foundation
Spray foam insulation is installed in open wall cavities to air seal and insulate
Unfaced fiberglass batt insulation is installed to completely fill the wall cavities and is sliced to fit around wiring, piping, and other obstructions in the wall cavities
Window does not meet 2009 IECC requirements
Window meets 2009 IECC requirements
Wrong – Compression and misalignment because insulation is not split around plumbing
Wrong – Compression and misalignment because insulation is not split around wires
Wrong – Insulation has misalignment, compression, and gaps
Wrong – Spray foam installed with voids
Wrong – Window does not meet ENERGY STAR requirements