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Air seal door and window rough openings with backer rod, caulk, or nonexpanding foam
Air seal exterior doors to minimize air leakage.
Air seal the rough opening around doors and windows to minimize air leakage.
Application of window and door nonexpanding foam sealant
Caulk applied against the backer rod to seal a window rough opening
Closed-cell backer rod for air sealing window and door rough openings
Install an ENERGY STAR labeled insulated door with an automatic closer. Weather strip the door frame
Right – Backer-rod is a foam product available in various diameters that can be used to air seal openings around doors and windows
Right – Rough opening around window has been filled with backer-rod to air seal
Right – Rough opening around window has been filled with low-expansion foam to air seal
Right – Weather stripping has been installed and remains in contact once door is closed
Wrong – Fibrous insulation is not an air barrier and cannot be used to air seal openings
Wrong – Rough opening around window not air sealed
Wrong – There is visible light around the door because no weather stripping has been installed