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Air seal and insulate light tube
Air seal around recessed can light fixtures installed through ceilings to keep conditioned air from leaking into unconditioned space.
ENERGY STAR certified LEDS save energy and money compared to halogen lamps used for the same application.
Install a sealed enclosure over a non-IC rated recessed light fixture to air seal the can and to prevent insulation from touching the recessed can light.
Internet-enabled lighting controls are part of many home automation systems and can increase safety and security as well as energy efficiency.
LED interior and exterior lighting makes a stunning display without a big energy penalty.
LED lights can be connected and controlled remotely via a communications bridge.
LEDs are especially efficient in fixtures that send light in one direction, like track lighting
LEDs cut energy costs by using less watts to produce the same amount of light as other light sources.
Light tubes adjacent to unconditioned space include lens separating unconditioned and conditioned space and are fully gasketed
Non-ICAT-rated recessed lights waste energy
Recycle burned-out light bulbs whenever possible.
Recycle burned-out light bulbs whenever possible.
Right – ICAT labeled recessed light installed but still needs gasket
Right – ICAT labeled recessed light with trim kit installed
Right – ICAT recessed light sprayed with foam to act as gasket against the drywall
Right – Recessed can light penetration sealed with caulk to drywall
Right – The insulating enclosure over this non-IC rated recessed light fixture is centered and air sealed.
Right – The top of the enclosure over this recessed can light remains clear of attic insulation
Solar tubes bring daylight into interior spaces in the home.
The Lighting Facts label helps consumers select light bulbs based on brightness, energy cost, lifetime, color, and energy use.
This house was designed with half of the basement above grade, allowing 36-inch-tall windows for egress and daylight on both sides of the house.
Use ICAT-rated recessed lights and caulk the housing to the ceiling
Wrong – Insulation is in direct contact with this non-insulation contact (IC)-rated recessed light fixture
Wrong – No gasket installed
Wrong – Non ICAT recessed light installed
Wrong – Non ICAT recessed light installed
Wrong – Recessed can light has not been sealed to drywall