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Image Gallery

A condensing boiler and indirect domestic hot water
An oil-fired boiler with direct combustion air and exhaust venting
Outdoor unit for a mini split (ductless) heat pump.
Heated air flow is produced when the heating cycle is energized (set thermostat to “heat”)
High-Efficiency Gas Furnace
Hot water for the home’s radiant floor heating system comes from roof-mounted solar thermal panels and an air-to-water heat pump provide.
Right - the vapor barrier is extended up the sides of the piers in this crawlspace, which is sealed and insulated to house the HVAC ducts.
The air handler for this geothermal heat pump is located in conditioned space.
The geothermal heat pump provides hot water for radiant floor heating, domestic hot water, and the air handler for space conditioning upstairs.
The high-efficiency air-to-air heat pump is set in an overflow pan with an emergency shut off sensor in case the condensate tube were to clog and cause condensate to fill up the pan.
The high-efficiency mini-split heat pump provides cooling and heating; a drain pipe carries condensate away to a location that meets local code requirements.
The home’s ground source heat pump preheats water for the air source heat pump water heater.
This home is heated with in-floor hydronic radiant heating tubes that were installed on top of the R-20 rigid foam under-slab insulation.
This home’s ultra-efficient ground-source heat pump provides hot water for space heating as well as domestic hot water for the 50-gallon storage tank.
Wrong – This ductless mini-split heat pump was installed above an exterior door allowing conditioned air to escape when the door is opened, heat transfer through the door, and temperature fluctuations that could impact the unit’s thermostat.