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Air seal the floor above a garage when there is living space above the garage and make sure floor insulation is in full contact with the underside of the subfloor.
Batt insulation is not an effective air barrier
Correctly insulated floor
Effective air barrier for the rim joist
Filler blocking
In cold climates, plumbing pipes should not be located in the building cavities over the garage
Infiltration through band joist
Insulation support
Misaligned floor insulation
Penetrations through subfloor air sealed
Right – Floor above garage is a continuous air barrier
Right – Insulation is in contact with floor above
Sealed blocking
Spray foam at band
Spray foam insulation air seals and insulates the floor above the garage.
Spray foam over the garage
Subfloor as air barrier
Wrong – Floor system does not have air barrier to seperate it from garage
Wrong – Insulation is misaligned with floor above