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A paint-on waterproofing covers the exterior and tops of the concrete block foundation walls and piers to block moisture moving up through the concrete, while foil-faced R-13 insulation lines the inside surface of the exterior walls.
Basement slab w/ capillary break
Easy access
Foil-faced rigid foam and spray foam can be used to insulate a basement on the interior; use good moisture management techniques to keep the basement dry
ICF foundation walls wrap the floor slab in R-22 of insulation while the entire space under the slab is covered with 4.3 inches of closed-cell spray foam.
In cold climates, install slab edge insulation when pouring slab on grade foundations.
Pouring the slab
Right – Polyethylene sheeting vapor barrier is installed and sealed to the crawlspace walls with mastic
Rigid foam extends under the full slab and lines the inside edges of the foundation walls.
Rigid foam insulation is installed along the exterior edge of an existing foundation slab
Rigid foam protects the exterior of the foundation.
Rigid foam wraps the exterior of the foundation slab.
Spray foam and rigid foam were used under the slab while rigid foam wraps the exterior of the foundation walls.
The basement slab is wrapped in a blanket of insulation including R-27 of closed-cell spray foam under the slab and R-22 ICF blocks wrapping the slab edges.
The final grade around the house slopes away to prevent water from accumulating at the foundation.
The home’s slab-on-grade foundation is wrapped in a blanket of rigid foam extending completely under the slab and along the edges.
There is no polyethylene sheeting installed in the crawlspace
These below-grade walls are insulated along the exterior with R-5 of bug-resistant high-density rigid fiberglass insulation installed over damproofing.
This 4-inch layer of rigid foam insulation (R-20) will be sandwiched between two layers of concrete poured on site for a highly insulated foundation wall.
This home has a cost-saving shallow frost-protected foundation that uses rigid foam laid vertically at the base of the 16-inch-deep footers to protect the foundation from frost damage.
Water intrusion
Wrong – The polyethylene sheeting vapor barrier is not attached to the piers with mechanical fasteners
Wrong – When more than one layer of insulation is installed, the seams should be staggered to discourage ground water from reaching the foundation wall.