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A below-grade foundation wall with a damp-proof coating
A dimpled rain mat and perforated drain pipe provide drainage around the basement foundation.
Complete water management strategy for a below-grade wall
Foil-faced rigid foam and spray foam can be used to insulate a basement on the interior; use good moisture management techniques to keep the basement dry
Moisture infiltration in below-grade wall
Moisture problems must be dealt with before sealing and insulating a crawlspace
Right – Below-grade concrete has been properly sealed against moisture and is now having insulation installed
Right – The below-grade concrete walls have damp-proof coating
Right – The insulated concrete forms that are below-grade have a damp-proof coating to prevent moisture seeping into the foundation
Rigid foam insulation is installed along the exterior edge of an existing foundation slab
Untreated lumber has been used on a below-grade wall against masonry
Wrong – The below-grade concrete does not have the correct mixture to be impermeable to moisture
Wrong – The below-grade concrete walls do not have any damp-proof coating
Wrong – The insulated concrete forms at the foundation do not have a damp-proof coating