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A below-grade foundation wall with a damp-proof coating
A damp crawlspace
A dimpled rain mat and perforated drain pipe provide drainage around the basement foundation.
A paint-on waterproofing covers the exterior and tops of the concrete block foundation walls and piers to block moisture moving up through the concrete, while foil-faced R-13 insulation lines the inside surface of the exterior walls.
An ultra-efficient layer of R-20 rigid foam foundation insulation covers the ground underneath the vapor barrier and radiant floor loops, which will circulate water heated by an ultra-efficient geo heat pump.
Any holes through the vapor barrier installed over the basement floor slab are thoroughly sealed as part of the foundation water barrier system.
Basement slab w/ capillary break
Below-grade wall assembly
Complete water management strategy for a below-grade wall
Comprehensive water management features include a capillary break (≥ 6-mil polyethylene sheeting) at all crawlspace floors
Concrete slab over polyethylene sheeting as capillary break
Drain tile cross-section
Drain tile with a sump pump system
Drain tile with protective cover
Easy access
Flashing is installed above the foundation wall before installing the siding. Seams in sheathing are sealed with tape and caulk, while nail holes are sealed with caulk.
Foil-faced rigid foam and spray foam can be used to insulate a basement on the interior; use good moisture management techniques to keep the basement dry
ICF foundation walls wrap the floor slab in R-22 of insulation while the entire space under the slab is covered with 4.3 inches of closed-cell spray foam.
 Impervious surfaces like patio slabs, sidewalks, and driveways that are within 10 feet of the home should slope away from the house.
In cold climates, install slab edge insulation when pouring slab on grade foundations.
Interior and exterior footing drains keep moisture away from the foundation. Spray-on water proofing helps the concrete foundation walls resist moisture.
Lapped and taped polyethylene sheeting
Metal-reinforced rigid foam panels create a form for the concrete foundation walls.
Moisture infiltration in below-grade wall
Moisture problems must be dealt with before sealing and insulating a crawlspace
Mold growth
Open sump pump
Pouring the slab
Properly installed drain tile discharging to a sump pit
Properly installed drain tile discharging to daylight
Properly sealed sump pump
Right – Below-grade concrete has been properly sealed against moisture and is now having insulation installed
Right – Driveway is installed to slope water away from the house
Right – Polyethylene sheeting vapor barrier is installed and sealed to the crawlspace walls with mastic
Right – The below-grade concrete walls have damp-proof coating
Right – The drain slopes away from the foundation and terminates at the proper distance
Right – The drain tile connects to a sump pump which will pump water away from the foundation
Right – The drain tile is installed along the bottom of the entire foundation footing
Right – The drain tile is wrapped in fabric which will prevent it clogging with debris
Right – The final grade slopes away from the house
Right – The insulated concrete forms that are below-grade have a damp-proof coating to prevent moisture seeping into the foundation
Right – The sump pump has a sealed cover that is mechanically attached
Right – The sump pump has a sealed cover that is mechanically attached
Rigid foam against the foundation
Rigid foam extends under the full slab and lines the inside edges of the foundation walls.
Rigid foam insulation is installed along the exterior edge of an existing foundation slab
Rigid foam protects the exterior of the foundation.
Rigid foam wraps the exterior of the foundation slab.
Spray foam and rigid foam were used under the slab while rigid foam wraps the exterior of the foundation walls.
Standing water around the home
Structural insulated panels offer a continuous layer of thermal protection and draft resistance around the home and come from the factory precut for fast assembly.
Sump pump functions
Taping polyethylene sheeting at interior pier footings
The basement slab is wrapped in a blanket of insulation including R-27 of closed-cell spray foam under the slab and R-22 ICF blocks wrapping the slab edges.
The blue foam sill gasket visible on the foundation wall will help ensure an air-tight connection with the double-wall assembly above.