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All return air and mechanically supplied outdoor air pass through filter prior to conditioning
Filter access panel includes gasket or comparable sealing mechanism and fits snugly against the exposed edge of filter when closed to prevent bypass
Filter located and installed so as to facilitate access and regular service by the owner
Furnace filter resistance varies by surface area; deeper pleats add surface area
Furnace filters that are MERV 6 or higher protect the HVAC equipment and improve indoor air quality
If filter is inaccessible, locate the air filter between the return air plenum and the air handler box
If furnace is accessible, locate the air filter between the return air plenum and the air handler box
If the furnace is hard to access, locate filters at return registers covered by hinged grilles that are easy to open from inside the home
Install a filter with a MERV rating of 6 or higher in each ducted mechanical system
Install an access panel cover with a gasket and duct tape the edges
Install the filter media box between the return air plenum and the air handler box
Leaks at the air filter cover panel can draw in unconditioned or undesirable air
Locate the fresh air intake away from pollution sources and in an easily accessible location
No gasket at filter location
Replace HVAC air filters regularly to protect the equipment and maintain system efficiency
Right – HVAC furnace filter is properly installed in cabinet with gasketed cover to prevent air leakage
Size the filter box for the appropriate filter
Size the filter box for the appropriate filter, according to ACCA Manual D, taking into account pressure drop across the system.
The air handler of the air-to-water heat pump is equipped with a very high efficiency air filter and a damper-controlled fresh air intake.
The filter is installed in the crawlspace and is not easily accessible
The installed filter is at least a MERV 6 filter
The installed filter is not a MERV 6 filter
There is a filter installed to filter outdoor air
There is no filter installed in the HVAC system
There is no filter installed to filter the outdoor air
To increase surface area and reduce pressure drop for high MERV filters, the return duct can be constructed to permit the installation of two furnace filters side by side
Variable-speed pump with low head loss filter and piping layout
When installing piping and wiring, do not block access to the filter