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Open-web floor joists provide space for ducts between the floors of a two-story home.
Right – Flex duct register is mastic sealed to framing
Specially designed roof trusses come with a two-foot by two-foot notch cut next to the center post providing space to install an insulated duct chase inside the home’s conditioned space but above the normal ceiling height.
The attic is sealed and insulated along the underside of the roof deck with 5.5 inches of polyurethane spray foam, providing conditioned space for the HVAC system.
The drywall above the dropped ceiling duct chase extends beyond adjoining top plates for a continuous air barrier
The main trunk line of the ducts runs within an insulated duct chase installed in a notch designed into the roof trusses that runs the length of the home to provide supply air directly to most of the home’s ceiling registers.
This Habitat for Humanity builder ordered roof trusses with a 2-foot by 2-foot notch next to the center post then lined the cutout with rigid foam to form an insulated central duct chase to bring the heating and cooling ducts within the conditioned space.