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Finished raised ceiling duct chase
Install duct supports in line with ceiling trusses
Raised ceiling duct chase is not visible as finished product
Spray foam insulation used for raised ceiling duct chase
Spray foam insulation used for raised ceiling duct chase.
Standard 2 in. by 4 in. stud secures duct chase - made of rigid insulation in this example
The builder installed plywood under the roof rafters and air sealed it with tape then added a dropped ceiling with metal framing to provide a service cavity for ducts and wiring, without poking holes in the air barrier.
The drywall above the dropped ceiling duct chase extends beyond adjoining top plates for a continuous air barrier
The HVAC ducts are located inside the home in a dropped ceiling chase in a central hallway, which provides conditioned space for the ducts and short duct runs for more efficient delivery.