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Ducts running parallel to trusses have limited width due to truss spacing
Form a sheet metal shield around the flue pipe
Form sheet metal shield around pipe keeping 3-inch clearance
Install wood framing cross pieces in the attic rafter bays on each side of the duct chase
Open-cell polyurethane spray foam is sprayed on the underside of the roof for an R-28 thermal blanket of insulation that turns the attic into a conditioned space for the HVAC system while sealing out external allergens and pollutants.
Raised ceiling chase sealed with drywall mud
Second layer of rigid insulation is adhered with foam
Spray foam insulation used for raised ceiling duct chase
Spray foam insulation used for raised ceiling duct chase.
Standard 2 in. by 4 in. stud secures duct chase - made of rigid insulation in this example
The drywall above the dropped ceiling duct chase extends beyond adjoining top plates for a continuous air barrier
Wrong - Not enough straps were used to hang this flex duct so it is sagging, restricting air flow