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A direct-vent sealed-combustion fireplace takes its combustion air directly from outside through a dedicated air inlet and vents combustion products directly outside
Climate-specific features include bug- and moisture-resistant concrete block construction and borate-treated interior framing; a hurricane-resistant spray-foamed hip roof; and ventless roof soffits to keep out wind-driven rain.
Example of a compact duct layout showing a centrally located furnace (FAU)
The builder took several steps to make this southern California home fire resistant, including constructing with metal roofing, unvented soffits, and impact-resistant glass, and landscaping with rock, sand, and pavers.
The drywall above the dropped ceiling duct chase extends beyond adjoining top plates for a continuous air barrier
This builder in central Washington state chose durable low-maintenance exterior finishes like concrete, metal roofing, and metal siding and stone and gravel flooring.