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A ventilation controller with a manual override is located on a central air handler fan that is located in an accessible location
Air flow is produced when central HVAC fan is energized (set thermostat to “fan”)
All of the exhaust fans are wired to one labeled switch at the electrical panel
An electronic controller operates an exhaust fan, a mechanical damper on a fresh air intake, and the central heat pump’s fan, which draws in fresh air through the damper and distributes it in sync with exhaust fan operation for balanced fresh air.
Continuously-operating ventilation & exhaust fans include readily accessible override controls
Cool air flow is produced when the cooling cycle is energized (set thermostat to “cool”)
Function of controls is not obvious
Function of ventilation controls is obvious (e.g., bathroom exhaust fan) or, if not, controls have been labeled
Heated air flow is produced when the heating cycle is energized (set thermostat to “heat”)
Installer permanently labled ventilation switch
Manufacturer labled controls
Manufacturer labled ventilation switch
Override control switches centrally located near thermostat for ease of access
Test the thermostat fan, cool, and heat settings
The ventilation control is clearly labeled by the installer
The ventilation controller is next to the thermostat and has a manual override button
This bath exhaust fan ventilation control can be set by the HVAC technician for continuous operation, delayed shut off, or a set amount of minutes each hour
Ventilation control is not obvious
Ventilation control is not obvious