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A continuous rim joist separates the garage and living space
A detached garage offers more space to place solar panels with likely fewer roof penetrations and more options for roof pitch and orientation.
A roof-mounted solar electric system can be sized to produce enough electricity to power the home and an electric car.
Air seal and insulate the rim and band joists of walls separating an attached garage from the home’s conditioned space.
Air seal the floor above a garage when there is living space above the garage and make sure floor insulation is in full contact with the underside of the subfloor.
Batt insulation is not an effective air barrier
Caulk around each piece of rigid foam in garage wall rim joist cavities
Correctly insulated floor
Effective air barrier for the rim joist
Filler blocking
Fitting rigid foam in garage wall rim joist cavities
Garage ceiling with spray foam flash air seal plus batt insulation
Garage wall rim joist open to area between or under floors of living space
In cold climates, plumbing pipes should not be located in the building cavities over the garage
Infiltration through band joist
Installing a garage exhaust fan is one important step in keeping auto exhaust and other pollutants out of the home
Insulation support
Misaligned floor insulation
Penetrations through subfloor air sealed
Right – Air barrier is present between garage and conditioned space
Right – Air barrier is present between garage and floor system
Right – Band is properly insulated and sealed
Right – Every seam and nail hole in these garage-to-house walls is sealed with tape.
Right – Floor above garage is a continuous air barrier
Right – Insulation is in contact with floor above
Right – Penetrations through band properly sealed
Right – Spray foam insulates the walls and ceilings separating the garage from the home.
Sealed blocking
Spray foam at band
Spray foam insulates the rim joist and air seals the subfloor-rim joist and rim joist-top plate connections
Spray foam insulation air seals and insulates the floor above the garage.
Spray foam over the garage
Subfloor as air barrier
The air tightness of the garage-to-house air barrier can be tested with a blower door kit and two manometers
The grille in the photo on the left brings air into a return air plenum under an air handler platform. As shown in the infrared image on the right, the plenum is not air sealed so hot attic air is being pulled into the air handler closet.
To ensure a complete air barrier between the garage and the house, the wall between the garage and the house was insulated and air sealed with four inches of high-density spray foam.
Unfaced batt insulation completely fills the wall cavities.
Wrong - I Beam open to garage
Wrong – Band not properly sealed
Wrong – Floor system does not have air barrier to seperate it from garage
Wrong – Gaps without insulation and not properly sealed
Wrong – Insulation is misaligned with floor above
Wrong – No air barrier is present between garage and conditioned space
Wrong – No air barrier is present between garage and floor system