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Ducts should not be located in exterior wall cavities
Form a sheet metal shield around the flue pipe
Form sheet metal shield around pipe keeping 3-inch clearance
HVAC ducts, cavities used as ducts, and combustion inlets and outlets may pass perpendicularly through exterior walls but shall not be run within exterior walls unless at least R-6 continuous insulation is provided on exterior side of the cavity
If HVAC duct must be installed in an exterior wall, separate it from the exterior with at least R-6 of continuous rigid insulation
If wall registers are desired, install HVAC ducts in interior wall cavities
Inadequate amount of insulation installed with compression, misalignment, and voids
Install supply registers in floors or ceilings to avoid routing ducts through exterior walls
Install wood framing cross pieces in the attic rafter bays on each side of the duct chase
No insulation installed in cavity and not air sealed