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Home Improvement Expert™ Partner Resources

Become a partner and access more DOE Home Improvement Expert resources, including co-branded Home Improvement Expert checklists. Your only responsibilities as a partner are to sign the partner agreement and tell us how you are using the checklists on a quarterly basis.

Why become a DOE Home Improvement Expert partner? Use this timely solution to showcase the value of proper installation by:

Simplifying contractor training and onboarding by clarifying installation expectations.

Making it easier for consumers to achieve optimum energy savings.

Delivering a superior consumer experience with high-performance products and contractors.

Leveraging the U.S. Department of Energy’s ‘voice of authority’ endorsing the value of investing in quality work alongside your organization’s logo.

Who should become a DOE Home Improvement Expert partner? Any organization seeking to benefit from the HIE Checklists can become a Partner. Partners include:

Home improvement contractors

Home improvement product retailers

Product manufacturers

Associations who install, sell, manufacture, or represent energy-related home improvements

Utilities and energy efficiency programs

Non-profit energy organizations conducting home energy improvements

State/local governments that promote energy-related home improvements are also eligible to be partners.

Each Partner application will be reviewed to verify eligibility before being approved by DOE.

How do I become a partner?

  1. Completing the registration form below asking for contact information and your company logo.
  2. Fully read the DOE Home Improvement Expert™ Partner Agreement and provide your electronic signature agreeing to its terms.
  3. Look for a confirmation by email with your password to access your account.