Home Improvement Expert™ Partner Program

Become a partner and access more DOE Home Improvement Expert™ resources, including co-branded Home Improvement Expert™ checklists. Your only responsibilities as a partner are to sign the partner agreement and tell us how you are using the checklists on an annual basis.

Top Ten Reasons to Become a Partner

  1. Join a nationwide community of fellow professionals committed to quality renovations and retrofits.  
  2. Deliver a superior consumer experience with high-performance products built on cutting-edge building science.  
  3. Leverage the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) ‘voice of authority’ endorsing the value of investing in quality work alongside your organization’s logo. 
  4. Simplify the training process for new employees by clarifying installation expectations across all projects.  
  5. Cutting-edge building science is the backbone of the HIE checklists, making it easier to deliver optimum energy savings to the consumer.  
  6. Opportunities to learn from peers, collectively troubleshoot checklist implementation challenges and provide DOE feedback to improve the HIE program. 
  7. Recommend new checklist topics to DOE and receive valuable partnership identifying best methods and practices for new renovation and retrofit projects.  
  8. Draw on the expertise of the Department of Energy’s world-class residential construction experts to help troubleshoot problems and devise creative solutions.  
  9. Visible in your community as a leader in providing clients a quality renovation or retrofit products backed by building science.
  10. Reduce costs associated with quality issues and callback work by leveraging a straightforward process for conducting projects.  

How do I become a partner?

  1. Create an account or log in below. You will get a confirmation e-mail to set a password. This login can then be used to access all exclusive Partner resources.
  2. Once you have set a password, you will be returned to this page, where you will see a registration form below asking for contact information and your company logo.
  3. Fully read the DOE Home Improvement Expert™ Partner Agreement and provide your electronic signature agreeing to its terms.
  4. Complete and submit the registration form. Each Partner application will be reviewed to verify eligibility before being approved by DOE.
Become a Partner
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