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CAD Files

1 inch exterior insulation sheathing as attic eave baffle and vent
2 foot plan layout with wall elevation
2-stud corner with 1x4 backer
2-stud corner with drywall clips
3-stud corner with rigid insulation
Conceptual 2 foot module house drawing
Conceptual 3D advanced framing drawing
Conceptual stack framing drawing
Corner installed plywood or OSB as shear bracing
Inset band joist at mudsill - 1 1/2 inch rigid insulation
Inset band joist at top plate
Inset band joist at wood floor truss
Inset shear panel assembly
Interior intersecting wall with 1x6
Interior intersecting wall with 2 studs and rigid insulation
Interior intersecting wall with drywall clips
Interior intersecting wall with ladder blocking
Let in 1x4 shear bracing
Manufactured insulated header
Metal strapping as shear bracing
Mini truss header - section
Outset header with head plate
Single top plate - interior wall with gusset
Single top plate splice with metal plate
Single top plate with centered joint splice
Site-built insulated header
Structured insulated panels (SIPS) as band joist
Thin-profile attic eave baffle and vent
Turned down concrete slab - 1 1/2 inch rigid insulation
Turned down concrete slab - 3/4 inch rigid insulation