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Quality Installed Bath Fan =
Professionally Installed Bath Fan

Alternate Terms

Ensured Odor Removal Bath Fan
Energy Saving Bath Fan Installation
Technical Description: 

A trained technician will ensure that the bath fan has adequate flow rate for the application, the damper is functional, the exhaust vent is properly installed to vent to the outside, air sealing is installed around the fan box and vent duct, noise levels meet requirements, and if timers or other controls are to be used, that they are properly installed and set.  A professional will help to determine the levels of ventilation needed for comfort and health and can design control strategies to meet those goals.

Professionally Installed Bath Fan
Sales Message
Professionally installed bath fans follow best practices for effective operation. What this means to you is assured removal of odors and humidity. Wouldn’t you agree it’s important to get full value from your investment in advanced technology components?