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Water Heaters, Appliances & Lighting - Appliances

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This project completed a modeling evaluation of a hybrid gas water heater that combines a reduced capacity tankless unit with a downsized storage tank. This product would meet a significant market need by providing a higher efficiency gas water heater solution for retrofit applications while maintaining compatibility with the half-inch gas lines and standard B vents found in most homes. The TRNSYS simulation tool was used to model a base case 0.60 EF atmospheric gas storage water, a 0.82 EF non-condensing gas tankless water heater, an existing (high capacity) hybrid unit on the market, and an alternative hybrid unit with lower storage volume and reduced gas input requirements.

This measure guide describes basic steps for installing ceiling fans.

Guide describing how to install efficient clothes washers in new and existing homes.

Guide describing condensing clothes dryers, which have a secondary heat exchanger and do not require exterior venting.

Guide describing how to install dishwashers in new and existing homes.

Guide describing how to install ENERGY STAR rated dishwasher and clothes washers. 

Guide describing how to provide combustion air for fireplaces and how to test fireplaces for combustion safety.

Guide describing how to install and test all water-using fixtures, equipment, and appliances to ensure there are no leaks.

Guide describing how to correctly vent a clothes dryer.

Guide describing how to install energy efficient refrigerators in new and exisitng homes.

Install Tier 1, master-slave, load-sensing advanced power strips in entertainment centers and computer stations.

Guide describing how to properly ventilate un-vented combustion appliances such as sealed fireplaces.

Guide describing replacement of a single-speed pool pump with variable-speed pump.