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Solution Center Guides

Guide describing how to install WaterSense® labeled bathroom and kitchen sink faucets and accessories.

Guide describing how to install ENERGY STAR rated dishwasher and clothes washers. 

Guide describing EPA WaterSense requirements for drinking water treatment systems.

Guide describing how to use a blower door test to determine building envelope air leakage.

Guide describing how to conduct a home performance assessment before beginning retrofit projects in existing homes.

This guide describes RESNET Grade 1 level installation of insulation in walls, attics, and floors.

Guide describing how to install and test all water-using fixtures, equipment, and appliances to ensure there are no leaks.

Guide describing the use of micro-irrigation systems to reduce water usage in residential landscaping.

Guide describing how to properly apply mulch to landscaping. 

Guide describing water metering in multi-family buildings. 

Information guide describing WaterSense requirements for outdoor ornamental water features.

Guide describing why planting ground covers on steep slopes without irrigation prevents erosion. 

Guide describing service water pressure requirements for EPA's WaterSense Program.

Guide describing how to install WaterSense® labeled showerheads.

Guide describing toilet and urinal requirements and selection for EPA's WaterSense program.

This information guide describes the need for ventilating a home before occupancy to reduce the concentration of VOC emissions in the home.

Guide describing how to determine an efficient and effective water softener. 

Guide describing how to design a water-efficient landscape that will minimize the need for supplemental water by using the WaterSense® Water Budget Tool.